Client knocking out Squats and Deadlifts for the 1st time

Super excited for this!  We’ve been working on box squats and rack pulls to work depth and build a solid posterior.  We’ll max out on squats next time, today she did a 5×5 @ 95# then worked up to a 155# max pull =)

Accessory work consisted of heavy lat pulls, heavy back ext and ab work.

Thu Jan 15th Small Group Training



3x30sec for each exercise
SS 1 for 3 sets
TRX chest press
SS 2 for 3 sets
TRX bicep curls
DB kickbacks
SS 3 for 3 sets
TRX OH tricep ext
Hammer Curls
SS 4 for 3 sets
Resistance band Upright rows
Resistance band OH press
SS 5 for 3 sets
Close grip pulldown
Spider DB back flys
SS 6 for 3 sets
seated cable crunch
Reverse crunch