Leg Day; En Minor

Tri-Set 1:

Glute Cable Kickbacks, DB Walking Lunges, Hanging Leg Raises

Tri-Set 2:

1-leg Leg Extensions, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Banded Bicycles

Tri-Set 3:

1-leg Step Ups, Banded Adductors, Band Reach Hip Thrusts

Tri-Set 4:

Low Squat Pulse Goblet Squats, Banded Clam Shells, Flutter Kicks

Hellloooo legzzzzz! Another successful day of leaving the gym with Bambi legs! I really enjoy pairing multiple exercises to create a working set. I aimed for a higher rep range of 15-25 with 3 sets of everything. When working with a higher rep range I keep rest times minimal, about 30sec in between each set but no rest in between exercises. This keeps the burn going! I like throwing in a core exercise to give the legs a little rest AND to get some core work done in a short amount of time. I think it only took about an hour to complete this workout =)

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas out of this!

Have a killer day!


Circuit 1 – Evening Street Cardio

One of my favorite workouts is hitting the pavement for a 3 mile run and a little circuit training. Here’s what I did:

My warm up is a total body roll with a foam roller for no more than about 5 minutes followed by a brisk walk for about a quarter of a mile.

Run 1 mile, stop and do 25 Squats, 25 Push Ups, 25 Bicycles & 25 Walking Lunges.

Run to mile 2 and repeat.

Run to mile 3 and repeat once more.

Cool down with another quarter mile walk and stretching for 5 to 10 minutes.

I LOVE this style of training and will post more with different exercises, so stay tuned for workout ideas! Have a great day!

SS Yoke Squat Bar


Today I trained with my new Safety Squat Yoke Bar that I got from EliteFTS. This bar is extremely beneficial for those who have shoulder issues and lack the mobility of extending their shoulders under a normal squat bar.  It is also a great bar to be able to squat heavier than normal, overloading. Incorporating overloading sets will assist in boosting your squat PR or getting through plateaus.

Unracking this bar is very different from a squat bar.  Do make sure you are upright with the handles lifted point forward as you unrack.  Otherwise you’ll be unracking with your back and not your legs. This bar really forces you to keep an upright torso and turns your abs on. They were on fire after each set!

I really like this bar and I’m looking forward to getting heavier when I’ve gotten the hang of using this bar once again =)

Client knocking out Squats and Deadlifts for the 1st time

Super excited for this!  We’ve been working on box squats and rack pulls to work depth and build a solid posterior.  We’ll max out on squats next time, today she did a 5×5 @ 95# then worked up to a 155# max pull =)

Accessory work consisted of heavy lat pulls, heavy back ext and ab work.

Squats and Walk Outs video

Today was a happy day for me! I got approval to be off the weekend of the Texas State Powerlifting Championships on March 29th!! I sent off my entry forms and ordered a singlet, ha, never thought I’d ever wear a singlet. So I’m officially working towards an excellent first PL meet!

My gym has been and still is under some minor improvements. I haven’t been able to stick my training schedule as planned for the past week. We’re almost done in the gym so it’s at least usable!

I worked on squats and walk outs today. I decided my work set would be 185/3(3). Set 1 sucked. So many things wrong here. Set 2 was better but I’m seeing what I need to work on. This is why it’s so beneficial to record your lifts!

I totally dig doing walk outs!! The feeling of having that much weight on your shoulders is such a rush! I’ll end with a heavier set next time ;D

Enjoy the video, more to come!