I Started a New Blog for a Class!

I’m taking my last Mass Communication class this semester called Digital & Online Media. For this class, I’ve have to create and maintain a blog. The topic of my blog is on the mental health benefits of exercise. Each post focuses on a kind of exercise or physical movement and evaluates the benefits of that…

Street Run w/Circuits; Blue

For today’s cloudy street run with circuits, I made my stops at 2 of the 3 bridges in my neighborhood. At the first bridge, I stopped and did 25 Incline Tricep Extensions, Alternating Side Shuffles down to the end of the bridge with Sprint back, and Soccer Kicks x 3 sets! At my 2nd stop,…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Elda. Previously a full-time personal trainer, now a full-time student. I spend most of my time with my head in books but this blog is for my love of exercise, food, mental health and sharing my favorites with you!

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