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“After years of bodybuilding workouts I became more and more interested in powerlifting and looked for someone that could help me get started. I feel so lucky to have found Elda, she is not only close to where I live, but she works with me one on one which is exactly what I was looking for. Since working with her I have become so much stronger and she has really taught me a lot about the mental aspect of powerlifting. I am still working on that part of it but I have never felt stronger in my life and I am 52 years old. Who knows, maybe there will be a powerlifting competition in my future.” –Sundie

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“Elda is amazing! She designed a varied and challenging personal regiment that include nutrition, cardio and strength training which have resulted in over 7″ loss overall. It was not easy and I have to work hard but within a short period of time I began to see major results! She is very knowledgeable, motivating, inspiring but most of all very professional. I would have never achieved the level of fitness and wellness I am currently experiencing if not for the personal attention and encouragement Elda gives me, investing in me with her help has been the best decision I have ever made!” – Taly 40’s


Texas House of Strength keeps me strong and has given my physical strength back from post motherhood. I always enjoyed weight lifting, running, kickboxing, yoga, cycling, and swimming. But after changing my priorities to be a mum, I lost some of my muscle, now I’ve got gain!! Elda, is knowledgeable in weight lifting and nutrition, and a wonderful motivated athlete that keeps me coming back! Right now I work out in a group of 3, and we have so much fun the sessions go quick and energizing!” -Nicole Cato 36, Small business owner, mom, wife, Texas House of Strength athlete


“I am 69 years old and have been amazed at what I have accomplished working out with Elda.I have seen my muscle mass increase and have lost inches.Pull ups was never something I thought I could do and now I can! Lifting weights is hard but it’s also fun! If you are looking for a coach that will encourage and help you Elda is the person that will do it.She always goes the extra mile for you.I will give you an example.I was going on a cruise and mentioned that I still had 5 pounds to lost and was out of time.She gave me a good plan to follow and I lost 5 pounds in one week.I encourage you to give Elda a call– no matter your age or fitness level.” -Linda

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“Before meeting Elda I started a vegetarian diet and gained weight.  Elda helped me to understand the correct ratios I needed on a vegetarian meal plan.  Since training with Elda I’ve lost 10 lbs and gained muscle.  I love training with Elda, some days I train solo, some with a group.  She makes every workout fun and pushes you past limits you thought you had.  She’s an amazing human being, dedicated, passionate and genuine in every way. I’m so grateful for all her help and can’t recommend her enough!” -Alex, 37


“I came to Elda with the goal of losing some weight and learning more about working out. Before I met her, I knew very little about how to properly take care of my body and really be healthy. By the end of my 4 week plan, I learned so much more! In addition to her personal training sessions which ROCK, Elda taught me the basics of lifting weights, using proper form, and how to design challenging and effective workouts on my own. She also taught me a ton about proper diet and nutrition, which greatly contributed to my success in reaching (and surpassing) my goals. Lifting is now a passion of mine, and I have Elda to thank for the foundation of knowledge she has given me. The knowledge/skills Elda teaches will last a lifetime. Even a year after my plan, I am more confident and STRONG than I have ever been! THANK YOU ELDA!” –Chandler 


In my younger years, I used to be very fit and lean. I was told once that I looked like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. At 55, I had gained so much weight from a 5-year sedentary lifestyle that I was ready to get myself fit and lean again. I learned about macronutrients, which has changed the way I look at what a “balanced diet” really means. Elda created a workout plan just for me and I have lost 11.5 pounds and 8.25 inches!! I feel like my true self again! Elda is a wonderful coach as she answers any questions thoroughly and is ALWAYS very positive, encouraging and available to assist me throughout this process! – Sandra