Strength Embodiment with Coach Elda

What embodying strength means to me is applying strength qualities, such as vigor, endurance, and muscular power, to physical and psychological aspects. A person will likely sustain an exercise routine that they enjoy. Consistency promotes changes to one’s body, such as increased strength and cardiovascular stamina. Other positive changes may be lowered stress, high-quality sleep, and better mood, enhancing one’s quality of life. Furthermore, an increase in self-esteem and a sense of empowerment will soon follow, encouraging vigor, endurance, and even a little grit.

I am the kind of health educator who seeks to bridge an all-encompassing meaning of being in “good health” and caring for both the body and the mind. I have been a fitness professional since 2013 and have witnessed the beautiful benefits of exercise on mental health. Today, I am on a journey into expanding my scope of practice by incorporating clinical mental health counseling.

As of January 2023, I am placing a long pause on offering one-on-one and group exercise sessions. My focus will be directed on completing a master’s program in clinical mental health counseling at Texas Tech University and getting one step closer to obtaining an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).

My professional future will focus on collaborating and building therapeutic relationships with diverse populations, specializing in incorporating gentle movement. Therapeutic goals may target emotional issues, coping skills, self-empowerment, and behavior change using trauma-informed principles.

Moreover, I’ll continue my advocacy involvement with NAMI Central Texas (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in providing education and support to families and friends of those with severe mental illness. My mother suffered from schizophrenia and suddenly passed away at the age of 57 in 2016. As a child, I lacked emotional support from an adult to help me process and manage the stressful emotions I experienced. I aim be the adult that I needed as a child and support other families. 

Please continue to check back for educational and informational use during this time! 


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