Training with Elda Negrete


NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer since 2013

USPA (United Stated Powerlifing Association) Certified Coach since 2017

1 on 1 & Small Group Training

“After years of bodybuilding workouts I became more and more interested in powerlifting and looked for someone that could help me get started. I feel so lucky to have found Elda, she is not only close to where I live, but she works with me one on one which is exactly what I was looking for. Since working with her I have become so much stronger and she has really taught me a lot about the mental aspect of powerlifting. I am still working on that part of it but I have never felt stronger in my life and I am 52 years old. Who knows, maybe there will be a powerlifting competition in my future.” –Sundie

People often tell me that I’m always smiling which makes me smile and laugh even more!  I’m just an optimistic person who believes life could always be good as long as you view your challenges as possible opportunities and visualize the process of achieving a goal. I apply that concept into my clients and my own training programs.  What are your goals and can you see yourself transform in your journey?  We may be able to do so but we just don’t know how to get there.  I can help!

Your personal training program begins with a complimentary thorough consultation to discuss your goals that will create your personalized program. I specialize in building strength between the age of 15 and 75. I believe that fitness goals should not just be about losing weight. It should be about adding a little lean muscle mass, practicing self-respect and being just a little stronger than before, physically and mentally. 

“Elda is amazing! She designed a varied and challenging personal regiment that include nutrition, cardio and strength training which have resulted in over 7″ loss overall. It was not easy and I have to work hard but within a short period of time I began to see major results! She is very knowledgeable, motivating, inspiring but most of all very professional. I would have never achieved the level of fitness and wellness I am currently experiencing if not for the personal attention and encouragement Elda gives me, investing in me with her help has been the best decision I have ever made!” – Taly 40’s

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Texas House of Strength keeps me strong and has given my physical strength back from post motherhood. I always enjoyed weight lifting, running, kickboxing, yoga, cycling, and swimming. But after changing my priorities to be a mum, I lost some of my muscle, now I’ve got gain!! Elda, is knowledgeable in weight lifting and nutrition, and a wonderful motivated athlete that keeps me coming back! Right now I work out in a group of 3, and we have so much fun the sessions go quick and energizing!” -Nicole Cato 36, Small business owner, mom, wife, Texas House of Strength athlete

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