Leg Day; En Minor

Tri-Set 1:

Glute Cable Kickbacks, DB Walking Lunges, Hanging Leg Raises

Tri-Set 2:

1-leg Leg Extensions, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Banded Bicycles

Tri-Set 3:

1-leg Step Ups, Banded Adductors, Band Reach Hip Thrusts

Tri-Set 4:

Low Squat Pulse Goblet Squats, Banded Clam Shells, Flutter Kicks

Hellloooo legzzzzz! Another successful day of leaving the gym with Bambi legs! I really enjoy pairing multiple exercises to create a working set. I aimed for a higher rep range of 15-25 with 3 sets of everything. When working with a higher rep range I keep rest times minimal, about 30sec in between each set but no rest in between exercises. This keeps the burn going! I like throwing in a core exercise to give the legs a little rest AND to get some core work done in a short amount of time. I think it only took about an hour to complete this workout =)

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas out of this!

Have a killer day!


Leg day; vintage

Superset 1:

Reverse SS Bar Front Squats on Wedge (Quad Focus) & KB Sumo Deadlifts

Superset 2:

Belt Squats and Trap Bar Deadlifts

Superset 3:

Landmine Hack Squats (Quad focus) and Trap Bar Stiff-Leg Deadlifts


Oweee, this one burned in all the right spots! Got me sweating tons too!

Today, I paired 2 exercises to create supersets. I like supersets to knock out lots of work in a short amount of time. I kept it in the higher rep ranges, 15-20 to get a good burn and to bump my heart rate for some cardio work. Minimal rests in between exercises with a longer rest in between supersets (really just enough time to break it down and set up for the next one). I knocked out 3 sets of each.

THEN I finished legs, back, and cardio with 3 different tire flip variations. I hadn’t flipped this tire in sooooo long…I don’t know what came over me thinking this was a good idea! LOL! I did it though and super happy I did, it kicked my ass but it was fun =)

THEN I did a tri-set of some core work to wrap things up. 3 exercises, 15 -25 reps for 3 sets….done and done!

My body has been feeling better day by day but my energy today was on fire once I got started (thank you carbs)!!!

I followed this up with my favorite smoothie of sliced beets, carrots, banana, frozen blueberries, mint, whey vanilla protein powder, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Later this evening, I’ll be jumping into a live yoga class on Patreon so I’ll get some recovery work from today’s sesh =)

Hope you got some exercise ideas!

Have a killer day,


Leg Day; Duality

Rambling about how awesome I’m feeling post leg day workout!

Tri-Set 1

Reverse Lunge on Slider, Glute Bridge w/Slingshot, Inverted V on sliders

Tri-Set 2

Bulgarians, Banded Lateral Walks w/Squats, Weighted Reverse Crunches

Tri-Set 3

Glute Cable Kickbacks, Adductor Plank, Hanging Leg Raise

I’ve been training for a few weeks now, after a 3mth break away from the gym, and my body is already responding nicely. What I mean by that is I’m feeling recovered within a just a few days, range of motion feels more fluid, and strength is building back up. This doesn’t just come from practice, I’m also making sure I’m listening to hunger and satiety cues (I’m definitely feeling more hungry!), staying hydrated, sleeping 7-8hrs every night, managing stress with yoga and mediation, and incorporating all of my recovery tools such as icing as needed, using my TENS unit as needed, stretching, foam rolling, getting a massage monthly, and visiting my chiro as needed.

Lacking in any of these areas may be the culprit for the reason you may not be feeling like your body is recovering or if you are experiencing injuries.

Take care, this is the only body you get. Treat it with well and with love.

Hope you got some workout ideas!

Have a killer day,


Schools out for Summer!

Ahhh! The spring semester is officially over 🙌🏼 and I’m so ready to get back to working out again now that I’ve got some extra time on my hands!

I actually started doing yoga about a week ago to work on my flexibility and now have extra time for strength training 💪🏼 YESSSS!

I trained legs after yoga this morning and let me tell ya, I was feeling alllll the good vibes post workout and just wanted to share some thoughts that I was having about that first workout after taking some (or a lot) of time away from the gym.

I might’ve rambled a little at first, haha, but ultimately what I wanted to share is a reminder of that amazing feeling you get after a really good workout. You know what I’m talking about…that feeling of happiness, clarity, and accomplishment! When you’re ready to get back at it, remember that feeling and chase after it!

Now go get you some!!!

**Please comment! I’d love to hear from you guys!**

Quads, Hammies & Glute Work 🤩 While Jammin KISS!