Leg Day; En Minor

Tri-Set 1:

Glute Cable Kickbacks, DB Walking Lunges, Hanging Leg Raises

Tri-Set 2:

1-leg Leg Extensions, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Banded Bicycles

Tri-Set 3:

1-leg Step Ups, Banded Adductors, Band Reach Hip Thrusts

Tri-Set 4:

Low Squat Pulse Goblet Squats, Banded Clam Shells, Flutter Kicks

Hellloooo legzzzzz! Another successful day of leaving the gym with Bambi legs! I really enjoy pairing multiple exercises to create a working set. I aimed for a higher rep range of 15-25 with 3 sets of everything. When working with a higher rep range I keep rest times minimal, about 30sec in between each set but no rest in between exercises. This keeps the burn going! I like throwing in a core exercise to give the legs a little rest AND to get some core work done in a short amount of time. I think it only took about an hour to complete this workout =)

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas out of this!

Have a killer day!


Core Work; Duality

Core work of the day consisted of:

12-15 Pikes with Sliders

25 Reverse Crunches w/ball

30 second Adductor Side Planks

10-12 Hanging Leg Raises

If you plan on doing more than 1 exercise, you may do one exercise at a time with 30 sec rests in between each set for 3-4 sets OR create a circuit like I did in this video where you do exc.1 then exc.2 and so on with little to no rest in btn exercises, rest 30 sec after each set for 3-4 sets.

Jammed to IOWA! Have a killer day!


Back & Biceps; Valley

Tri-Set 1:

Wide-Grip Pulldowns, DB Rows in Roman Chair, and Banded Oblique Front Presses

Tri-Set 2:

Standing Lat Pullodwns, 1-Arm Seated Rows, and Kneeling KB Windmills

Rack Pulls

4 sets of 10 with 185#

Superset 1

Seated KB Bicep Curls and Reverse Hyperextensions

Perfect humid day for a back attack workout! My first two sets were Tri-Sets where I combined 2 back exercises and 1 core exercise to complete a set. I’ve bumped my weight so I’m now only completing 4 sets of 10-12 reps. After a few 4×10-12 back sessions, I’ll bump the weight and shoot for sets of 8-10.

I REALLY enjoyed the core work. It really hit the obliques in a good way. I’ve had been having SI joint issues on my right side which has affected my right hip, abductor, and oblique area, so giving it some special attention is just what it needed!

Like my vintage Slayer shirt?!

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas!

Have a killer day!


Upper Body Weight Training; Trenzas

Tri-Set 1:

Push-Ups, Seated OH Press, Russian Twists on BOSU

Tri-Set 2:

1-Arm Push Press, Rotating 1-Arm Incline Chest Press, Side Plank Hip Drops on BOSU

Tri-Set 3:

Bent-Over Rear Delt Fly, Landmine Shoulder Press, Landmine Bus Drivers

This was a really fun training sesh! I wanted to group 1 chest exercise with 1 shoulder exercise and 1 core exercise to create tri-sets. This way, I get lots of work in during a shorter period of time.

I focused on higher rep ranges (15-20) and 3 sets of everything. Rest times were minimal in between the exercises and longer in between sets (really just enough time to break it down and set up for the next superset).

It was super humid today so I got a really great sweat session too. I have fans but don’t turn them on because I really like training in the heat and sweat it out!

I’ve been dealing with a funky left shoulder for months and I really think it’s a combination of sleeping on my side and lack of training during the Spring semester. I can already tell training and doing yoga is really helping because it’s feeling already. I think it’s just been jarred up and needs to be worked out =)

Hope you get some exercise ideas from today’s upper body workout!

Have a great day,


Battle Ready – A Partner Workout

Battle Ready – A Partner Workout
2min at each station, 15sec to rest and switch stations

Station 1: Battle Ropes
Partner 1 does 10 Slams
Partner 2 holds a Plank
Switch and repeat for 2min

Station 2: 2 Med Balls
Partner 1 does 10 Wall Balls
Partner 2 holds a Wall Squat w/arms extended in front while holding a med ball
Switch and repeat for 2min

Station 3: 2 Med Balls
Partner 1 does 10 Med Ball Slams on knees
Partner 2 holds a Med Ball Overhead also on their knees
Switch and repeat for 2min

Station 4: 135# Plate Pulls – I rigged this by stacking 3 45# plates and looping long straps on opposite ends.
Partners sit about 10 feet away from the plates and on either side and simply take turns pulling the weight
toward them for 2min

Station 5: 1 Heavy Bag – laid down on ground
Partner 1 places both hands on top of bag with both feet to one side of the bag then hop over to the other side and back again
for 20 hops total in a fast rhythm
Partner 2 holds an Iron Cross position
Switch and repeat for 2min

3 rounds for 30mins – 1min rest between rounds