Upper Body Workout; Use your illusion

POWER-set 1:

DB Floor Chest Press, DB Shoulder Press, DB Tricep Kickback & Cable Crunches on BOSU

POWER-set 2:

Chest Flys on BOSU, Front to Lateral DB Raise, Diamond Push-Ups & Kneeling Cable Ab Crunches

Tri-set 3:

Close-Grip Bench Press, Cable Face Pulls, Toe Touches

Shoulder Finisher

12 reps of Front Raise, Front Press, Bus Drivers per side, Military Press & Upright Row

THIS was a really fun workout!!!!

I group 4 exercises for the first 2 sets and called them “POWER-set’s”. I picked one chest exercise, one shoulder exercise, 1 tricep exercise and 1 core exercise. I kept a higher rep range, about 15-25 for each exercise, and did 4 sets of them.

Tri-set 3 was only 3 exercises. I picked Close-Grip Bench press to work both the chest and triceps then selected 1 shoulder exercise and 1 core exercise.

I then wrapped it up with a shoulder finisher, this was killer! Just one set! Burn em’ out!!!

I rocked Guns n’ Roses’ Use your Illusion 2 album today….then Appetite.

Hope you got some exercise ideas!

Have a killer day!


Upper Body Weight Training; Trenzas

Tri-Set 1:

Push-Ups, Seated OH Press, Russian Twists on BOSU

Tri-Set 2:

1-Arm Push Press, Rotating 1-Arm Incline Chest Press, Side Plank Hip Drops on BOSU

Tri-Set 3:

Bent-Over Rear Delt Fly, Landmine Shoulder Press, Landmine Bus Drivers

This was a really fun training sesh! I wanted to group 1 chest exercise with 1 shoulder exercise and 1 core exercise to create tri-sets. This way, I get lots of work in during a shorter period of time.

I focused on higher rep ranges (15-20) and 3 sets of everything. Rest times were minimal in between the exercises and longer in between sets (really just enough time to break it down and set up for the next superset).

It was super humid today so I got a really great sweat session too. I have fans but don’t turn them on because I really like training in the heat and sweat it out!

I’ve been dealing with a funky left shoulder for months and I really think it’s a combination of sleeping on my side and lack of training during the Spring semester. I can already tell training and doing yoga is really helping because it’s feeling already. I think it’s just been jarred up and needs to be worked out =)

Hope you get some exercise ideas from today’s upper body workout!

Have a great day,


Upper Body Workout – Feb 20th 2014 Boot Camp

All Upper body today!! We went through Circuit 1 and 2 once. This is a great partner workout and good for a 45min class.

Circuit 1
Partner Workout – 45sec then switch exercises for another 45sec
P1 – Small waves on the battle ropes
P2 – Steering Wheel w/plate
1min Jump rope
P1 – Alternating Push Ups on Medicine Ball
P2 – Laying Dumbbell Presses
1min Jump Rope
P1 – TRX Low Rows
P2 – Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows
1min Jump Rope
Core: Seated facing each other, one begins w/a medicine in hand, lay back to begin the sit up exercise and bring the ball overhead to tap the floor above your head, sit up and toss to your partner. Take turns going back and forth for 45sec
Core: Lay on your belly facing each other with arms reached out, one begins w/the ball in hand to throw the ball for your partner to catch and throw right back. This engages legs, glutes and back.
1min Jump Rope

Circuit 2
Partner Workout – 45sec then switch exercises for another 45sec
P1 – Swimmers on the Battle Rope
P2 – Military Presses w/Bodybar
1min Jump Rope
P1 – TRX Chest Press
P2 – Resistance Band Punch Outs (band around a pole)
1min Jump Rope
P1 – Single-Arm Row (Switch arms 1/2 ways in)
P2 – Seated Resistance Band Rows
1min Jump Rope
Seated Transverse Medicine Ball Throws to each other for 45sec in one direction then 45sec in the other
1min Jump Rope


Jan 16th 2014 Boot Camp Workout


Each station has 3 exercises that we spent 45sec on with a 10sec rest in between.
We had an active rest with a 1min jump rope in between stations.

Station 1: Battle Rope
Alternating Slams
Hard Slams
Alternating Small Waves

Station 2: Resistant Band
Band Rows
Asst. Pull Ups
Punch Outs (1’s & 2’s)

Station 3: TRX Strap
Bicep Curls
Tricep Extension
Chest Press

Station 4: Barbell
Grasping one end of the barbell with both hands swing the barbell from right hip up overhead to the left hip then back overhead to the right and repeat, side to side
Right Arm Presses
Left Arm Presses

Station 5: Tire
Right Side Sledge Hammering
Left Side Sledge Hammering
Burpees, Tire Jump on and off for the hop

Station 6: Heavy Bag
Right hand on bag, left on the floor, push ups
Left hand on bag, right on the floor, push ups
Pull heavy bag into your guard and punch out, 1’s & 2’s