Upper Body Workout – Feb 20th 2014 Boot Camp

All Upper body today!! We went through Circuit 1 and 2 once. This is a great partner workout and good for a 45min class.

Circuit 1
Partner Workout – 45sec then switch exercises for another 45sec
P1 – Small waves on the battle ropes
P2 – Steering Wheel w/plate
1min Jump rope
P1 – Alternating Push Ups on Medicine Ball
P2 – Laying Dumbbell Presses
1min Jump Rope
P1 – TRX Low Rows
P2 – Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows
1min Jump Rope
Core: Seated facing each other, one begins w/a medicine in hand, lay back to begin the sit up exercise and bring the ball overhead to tap the floor above your head, sit up and toss to your partner. Take turns going back and forth for 45sec
Core: Lay on your belly facing each other with arms reached out, one begins w/the ball in hand to throw the ball for your partner to catch and throw right back. This engages legs, glutes and back.
1min Jump Rope

Circuit 2
Partner Workout – 45sec then switch exercises for another 45sec
P1 – Swimmers on the Battle Rope
P2 – Military Presses w/Bodybar
1min Jump Rope
P1 – TRX Chest Press
P2 – Resistance Band Punch Outs (band around a pole)
1min Jump Rope
P1 – Single-Arm Row (Switch arms 1/2 ways in)
P2 – Seated Resistance Band Rows
1min Jump Rope
Seated Transverse Medicine Ball Throws to each other for 45sec in one direction then 45sec in the other
1min Jump Rope


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