Powerlift Training – Week of 2/3/14

SONY DSCIf I can get off from work and my training goes well, my first powerlifting meet will be on March 29th! I’m really excited about it and a tad nervous because I’ve never even been to real competition meet. I have an idea of what it might be like from watching YouTube videos and following other lifters.
I’ve been weight training for many years but have only been focusing on the 3 lifts since Dec 2013 and more seriously in Jan 2014. I’m not working with a coach but it helps reading Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, the newest edition, which provides excellent tips on programming. I hope to also get a few pointers from friends like YOU!

This week my training will go like this:
Monday – Rest Day
Tuesday – Full PL – max efforts
Wednesday – Bench Press 6 sets of 5 at 90%, Bent-Over Rows 6 sets of 5, High Pulls 6 sets of 5, Close-Grip Lat Pulldown 6 sets of 5
Thursday – Squat 6 sets of 5 at 90% – going low, Rack Pulls 6 sets of 5, Back Extension (reverse hyper) 5 sets of 10, Bulgarian Squats 5 sets of 10
Friday – Full PL – max efforts
Saturday – Trail Run (Spartan Race Training)
Sunday – Deadlift 6 sets of 5 at 90%, 3 x 100 Weighted Crunches, 3 x 100 Weighted Leg Lifts, 3 x 100 Weighted Russian Twists

So far…
I rested…and it was awesome.
Tuesday***Full PL***
Sq 95/5(2), 115/5, 125/3, 155/5(3)***may go for 165# next week***
BP 45/5(2), 55/5, 65/3, 85/2, 115/3(5)***go heavier next week, 125#***
DL 95/5(2), 115/5, 135/5, 155/2, 175/5(3)***175 was rough but I may increase the weight a tad next week***
Wednesday**BP Focus***
BP 45/5, 65/5, 75/5, 105/5(6)***tough so I may just add 5# next week***
Bent-Over Rows 45/5, 95/5, 195/5, 115/5(6)
High Pulls barbell/5, 55/5(6)
Close Grip Lat Pulldown 70/5(6)***go heavier next week***
Thursday***Squat Focus – WITH A BELT – first time using one***
Squat 65/5(2), 95/5, 115/3, 125/2 145/5(6)***Wow, using a belt felt amazing! I went low and now know that I can add more weight next time***
Rack Pulls***first time doing this exercise***
95/5, 125/5, 145/5, 155/5, 165/5(4)***I know I need to go heavier (heavier than what I can DL) so I will next time***
I was suppose to also do Back Extensions and Bulgarian Squats but I ran out of time***Make more time next week***
Friday***Full PL***
Did not get to this workout due to work schedule adjustment, boo.
Saturday***Trail Run***
My buddy Carol and I hit up Bull Creek and ran for almost 1 1/2hrs! We ran into a pack of wild pigs! They were huge! Oh and turned into a parking lot with scattered girls panties…CRABS!
Sunday***Deadlift Focus***
Deadlift 95/5, 115/5, 135/3, 155/2, 165/5(6-7)***with belt but this will need to take some getting use to b/c it hurt my ribs***
I actually spent quite a bit of time on the DL and ran out of time for some core work. Next time make more time!

Overall, this week was really exciting for me because of my new belt. I’m looking forward to new numbers on the squat next week!

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