I Started a New Blog for a Class!

I’m taking my last Mass Communication class this semester called Digital & Online Media. For this class, I’ve have to create and maintain a blog. The topic of my blog is on the mental health benefits of exercise. Each post focuses on a kind of exercise or physical movement and evaluates the benefits of that type of movement. Perspectives come from a diverse group of people from soccer moms to professional athletes. To support my findings, each post also contains scientific research that I summarize along with a link to that study or article.

I’ve had a lot of fun creating content for this blog. There is only 8 more weeks left in the semester but I have a feeling that I’ll continue maintaining this blog after this class. I invite you to follow along!

Here’s the link:

Iron Mind Fitness Austin

Street Run w/Circuits; Blue

For today’s cloudy street run with circuits, I made my stops at 2 of the 3 bridges in my neighborhood. At the first bridge, I stopped and did 25 Incline Tricep Extensions, Alternating Side Shuffles down to the end of the bridge with Sprint back, and Soccer Kicks x 3 sets!

At my 2nd stop, at the Gazebo, I did 25 Alternating Step Ups with a Knee, 25 Bench Sit Ups, and 25 Decline Shoulder Taps x 3 sets!

At my 3rd and final stop, at the second bridge, I did walking lunges down and back which totaled 60! Esh! Then I did Low Squat Lateral Walks all the way down in one direction then back in the other direction, and finally alternating lateral walk and squat combo down and then back down! My legssssss….burned! Then I had to run back home for my last mile, lol!

Boost your street run by adding circuits!

Have a killer day!


Upper Body Workout; Grn Boobs

Tri-Set 1:

Bench Press, Strict DB Laterals, and 1-Arm Tricep Cable Kickbacks

Tri-Set 2:

Floor DB Chest Flys, DB Skull Crushers, and Push Presses

Tri-Set 3:

Slingshot Push-Ups, Kneeling Tricep Extensions, and Seated Alternating DB Front Raises


Prone Incline Rear Delt Flys, Barbell Upright Rows, and Seated Face Pulls

Heck yeah! Everything felt great today!! Even though my wimpy bench press was with only 85#, my 4 sets of 10 felt super easy! I didn’t bump weight because I’m being careful not to reinjure an old shoulder injury.

I knocked out 4 Tri-Sets today! A tri-set is when I combine 3 exercises to make a set. When I train upper body, I like to pick a chest exercise, a shoulder exercise, and a tricep exercise to make a set. I’ve bumped my weight and reduced my number of reps. So I’m now training sets of 10-12 with heavier weight. This is a change from a higher rep range of 3 sets of 15-20 or more. I’m now dipping my toes into muscle building. Yeah buddy!

I hope you got some cool exercise ideas!

Haver a killer day!


Leg Day; En Minor

Tri-Set 1:

Glute Cable Kickbacks, DB Walking Lunges, Hanging Leg Raises

Tri-Set 2:

1-leg Leg Extensions, Single-Leg Deadlifts, Banded Bicycles

Tri-Set 3:

1-leg Step Ups, Banded Adductors, Band Reach Hip Thrusts

Tri-Set 4:

Low Squat Pulse Goblet Squats, Banded Clam Shells, Flutter Kicks

Hellloooo legzzzzz! Another successful day of leaving the gym with Bambi legs! I really enjoy pairing multiple exercises to create a working set. I aimed for a higher rep range of 15-25 with 3 sets of everything. When working with a higher rep range I keep rest times minimal, about 30sec in between each set but no rest in between exercises. This keeps the burn going! I like throwing in a core exercise to give the legs a little rest AND to get some core work done in a short amount of time. I think it only took about an hour to complete this workout =)

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas out of this!

Have a killer day!


Everyday Yoga

It’s been my new favorite daily routine to begin each day with some stretches in yoga…some days I’m on fire, others I need a super chill flow.

I feel like it kickstarts my energy that is sustained throughout the day! This is a bonus because the real reason I do it is to relieve back pain.

I follow my cousin, a yogi master in my eyes, Saralee on Patreon. This isn’t a promo, I just appreciate how descriptive she is with describing the moves and holding poses. I don’t feel like I need to be in a class to do yoga!

I know of some people who do old school routines like push-ups and crunches right as they get out of bed (or while still in bed!) and I’ve heard others say their morning sex is their way to jumpstart their day. Whatever it is, try finding what works for you and do something different, yet invigorating!

Have a killer day!

Core Work; Duality

Core work of the day consisted of:

12-15 Pikes with Sliders

25 Reverse Crunches w/ball

30 second Adductor Side Planks

10-12 Hanging Leg Raises

If you plan on doing more than 1 exercise, you may do one exercise at a time with 30 sec rests in between each set for 3-4 sets OR create a circuit like I did in this video where you do exc.1 then exc.2 and so on with little to no rest in btn exercises, rest 30 sec after each set for 3-4 sets.

Jammed to IOWA! Have a killer day!


Back & Biceps; Valley

Tri-Set 1:

Wide-Grip Pulldowns, DB Rows in Roman Chair, and Banded Oblique Front Presses

Tri-Set 2:

Standing Lat Pullodwns, 1-Arm Seated Rows, and Kneeling KB Windmills

Rack Pulls

4 sets of 10 with 185#

Superset 1

Seated KB Bicep Curls and Reverse Hyperextensions

Perfect humid day for a back attack workout! My first two sets were Tri-Sets where I combined 2 back exercises and 1 core exercise to complete a set. I’ve bumped my weight so I’m now only completing 4 sets of 10-12 reps. After a few 4×10-12 back sessions, I’ll bump the weight and shoot for sets of 8-10.

I REALLY enjoyed the core work. It really hit the obliques in a good way. I’ve had been having SI joint issues on my right side which has affected my right hip, abductor, and oblique area, so giving it some special attention is just what it needed!

Like my vintage Slayer shirt?!

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas!

Have a killer day!



I felt it was time to incorporate intense conditioning into my routine and brought my back old HIIT routines! This was a great first HIIT sesh:

Warm up: 5min on the Airdyne, Foam Roll & Stretch, 25: Walking Lunges, Squats, Push-Ups, and Crunches

Using a Tabata Timer App, set it for 20 seconds of “work” with 10 seconds of “rest”.

Spend 20 seconds on exercise 1 then rest for 10, 20 seconds on exercise 2 then rest for 10, and so on. Keep going round after round until time is up! I went for 6 rounds, about 15 min straight!

This are the exercises:

  • Wall Ball
  • Ball Slam
  • Tire Jumps
  • Clean & Press
  • Push Ups

It was a humid and hot morning and I haven’t poured sweat like this in a long time! It felt so good!

Jammed my Spotify playlist “Boot Camp”

Hope you got some cool exercise ideas!

Have a killer day!