Street Run w/Circuits; Blue

For today’s cloudy street run with circuits, I made my stops at 2 of the 3 bridges in my neighborhood. At the first bridge, I stopped and did 25 Incline Tricep Extensions, Alternating Side Shuffles down to the end of the bridge with Sprint back, and Soccer Kicks x 3 sets!

At my 2nd stop, at the Gazebo, I did 25 Alternating Step Ups with a Knee, 25 Bench Sit Ups, and 25 Decline Shoulder Taps x 3 sets!

At my 3rd and final stop, at the second bridge, I did walking lunges down and back which totaled 60! Esh! Then I did Low Squat Lateral Walks all the way down in one direction then back in the other direction, and finally alternating lateral walk and squat combo down and then back down! My legssssss….burned! Then I had to run back home for my last mile, lol!

Boost your street run by adding circuits!

Have a killer day!


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