Muay Thai Kicks – Pinnacle Training Center

Here’s a short clip of what I recorded from class last night at Pinnacle Training Center. The guys were wrapping up class when I began recording. They had already done over 100 kicks, you can see a lot of skin reddening.  This is where I teach boot camp classes, do personal training and train in Muay Thai. This is coach Elton’s night to teach. He’s evil.

Clench work, knees, elbow, sweeps…

Some drill work from the Pinnacle Training Center fight team…Chris gets the sweep from Tim in the video below and being a tall guy, he falls hard. Tim Kennedy & Chris Nauert, Yves E Edwards & Latoya “Black Mamba” Walker, Robert Negrete (my father-in-law) & Sean Cho,  Roland Rodriguez.

In this next video there’s more clench work, some elbows and lots of knees….Tim Kennedy & Roland Rodriguez, Chris Nauert & Latoya “Black Mamba” Walker, Sean Cho & Yves E Edwards.

I love training AND working here.