Texas Spartan Sprint in 4 weeks!


Join Team Texas House of Strength in this years Spartan Sprint Race on Sunday May 18th 2014!!! We’re 4 weeks out so we’re turning up our training a few notches! Team THOS currently trains every Saturday morning at St. Edwards Park on Spicewood Springs Road, an entrance to a running trail we take around Bull Creek.

Currently, I’m the only one in the team who has experienced a Spartan Race in the past. The other registered members are runners, boot camp goers and brave sedentaries! Anyone can FINISH!!! We’re in it together!

Read about my past experience running the Spartan Sprint in 2013 & 2012 in a previous post here. I also list out race day tips and what to pack.

Message me with interest and I’ll email you an invite link!!! Then begin your training with us and/or at the Blockhouse Creek Boot Camp Classes!

Jan 16th 2014 Boot Camp Workout


Each station has 3 exercises that we spent 45sec on with a 10sec rest in between.
We had an active rest with a 1min jump rope in between stations.

Station 1: Battle Rope
Alternating Slams
Hard Slams
Alternating Small Waves

Station 2: Resistant Band
Band Rows
Asst. Pull Ups
Punch Outs (1’s & 2’s)

Station 3: TRX Strap
Bicep Curls
Tricep Extension
Chest Press

Station 4: Barbell
Grasping one end of the barbell with both hands swing the barbell from right hip up overhead to the left hip then back overhead to the right and repeat, side to side
Right Arm Presses
Left Arm Presses

Station 5: Tire
Right Side Sledge Hammering
Left Side Sledge Hammering
Burpees, Tire Jump on and off for the hop

Station 6: Heavy Bag
Right hand on bag, left on the floor, push ups
Left hand on bag, right on the floor, push ups
Pull heavy bag into your guard and punch out, 1’s & 2’s


1/7/14 Boot Camp!


I’m the stick figure queen! Ha!

Here’s what we did tonight:

Partner up and choose a station to start at.  Each station has 4 exercises.  We’ll spend 20sec on an exercise then rest for 10sec, move onto exercise 2, rest and so on. About 2min at each station.

Station 1:
Barbell Thrusters
Stiff-Leg DL
Split Lunge Squats w/Barbell
Same as above, switch stance

Station 2:
Tire Jumps
GHD on Tire
Back Extensions on Tire
Donkey Kicks in & out of tire w/hands on Tire

Station 3:
Battle Rope alternating one-arm slams
Partner jump ropes then switch
Battle Rope Burpees w/slam
Partner jump ropes then switch

Station 4:
Bent-Over DB Flys
DB High Pulls
Bent-Over DB Rows
Front Raises

Rest for 1min then repeat!

Finished off class with a ladder rep Push Up, up to 5 then back down to 1…burn, burn, burn.