1/7/14 Boot Camp!


I’m the stick figure queen! Ha!

Here’s what we did tonight:

Partner up and choose a station to start at.  Each station has 4 exercises.  We’ll spend 20sec on an exercise then rest for 10sec, move onto exercise 2, rest and so on. About 2min at each station.

Station 1:
Barbell Thrusters
Stiff-Leg DL
Split Lunge Squats w/Barbell
Same as above, switch stance

Station 2:
Tire Jumps
GHD on Tire
Back Extensions on Tire
Donkey Kicks in & out of tire w/hands on Tire

Station 3:
Battle Rope alternating one-arm slams
Partner jump ropes then switch
Battle Rope Burpees w/slam
Partner jump ropes then switch

Station 4:
Bent-Over DB Flys
DB High Pulls
Bent-Over DB Rows
Front Raises

Rest for 1min then repeat!

Finished off class with a ladder rep Push Up, up to 5 then back down to 1…burn, burn, burn.

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