Leg Day; Duality

Rambling about how awesome I’m feeling post leg day workout!

Tri-Set 1

Reverse Lunge on Slider, Glute Bridge w/Slingshot, Inverted V on sliders

Tri-Set 2

Bulgarians, Banded Lateral Walks w/Squats, Weighted Reverse Crunches

Tri-Set 3

Glute Cable Kickbacks, Adductor Plank, Hanging Leg Raise

I’ve been training for a few weeks now, after a 3mth break away from the gym, and my body is already responding nicely. What I mean by that is I’m feeling recovered within a just a few days, range of motion feels more fluid, and strength is building back up. This doesn’t just come from practice, I’m also making sure I’m listening to hunger and satiety cues (I’m definitely feeling more hungry!), staying hydrated, sleeping 7-8hrs every night, managing stress with yoga and mediation, and incorporating all of my recovery tools such as icing as needed, using my TENS unit as needed, stretching, foam rolling, getting a massage monthly, and visiting my chiro as needed.

Lacking in any of these areas may be the culprit for the reason you may not be feeling like your body is recovering or if you are experiencing injuries.

Take care, this is the only body you get. Treat it with well and with love.

Hope you got some workout ideas!

Have a killer day,


Deadlift Variations

Because the pelvis come in all shapes and sizes, hip sockets can be shallow or deep, farther forward or back. The angle of the femur where it meets the pelvis vary, as well as how rotated the femur is where it meets the pelvis.

These ladies have tried both Conventional and Sumo styles of deadlifting and have found what feels the best and strongest for them.

Conventional Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift
Trap Bar Deadlift

The trap bar still involves picking up the weight off the floor using similar hip and knee hinge pattern, range of motion, and activation of muscle groups. The total weight of the bar is closer to your center of gravity so it’s easier to keep your balance and maintain a good spinal position, plus your shins don’t get in the way. I always start with the trap bar for deadlift beginners or those learning how to move their body when strength training. In addition to conventional or sumo deadlifting techniques, I use the trap bar for heavier sessions because most can generally deadlift more weight with the trap bar.

Pre-Workout Nutrition


Wanna be a beast in the gym?!

Heck yeah!

So fuel up right!

Have a heaping dose of carbs, moderate protein and some fats anywhere from 1 to 1 and half hours before you get started.  We need carbs to lift weights, for explosive power and to sustain our energy level throughout the length of our time in the gym.  Carbs give our amazing bodies ENERGY to do these things. The better we fuel our bodies the more awesome gym gains we’ll see.  On training days consume MOST of your carbs before and after your workouts.  For example, I’m currently consuming about 230g of carbs everyday. So, I’ll consume about 50-60% of that split between pre and post workout meals.  The remaining is spread out between my other meals, which will consist of a lot of veggies and fiber.

Consuming protein in your pre-workout meal will simply keep the body supplied with the aminos to keep the body from breaking down muscle and readily build up what we’re tearing apart during exercise.

Since fats take longer to digest, it’s smart to add a little fats to our pre-workout meal so that the carbs and protein we also eat aren’t burned up quickly, yielding a steady energy duration throughout our workout time.

So don’t be afraid of carbs! They can actually do us some good for our training sessions!

Need help finding macros? Message me, I’d be happy to help =)

SS Yoke Squat Bar


Today I trained with my new Safety Squat Yoke Bar that I got from EliteFTS. This bar is extremely beneficial for those who have shoulder issues and lack the mobility of extending their shoulders under a normal squat bar.  It is also a great bar to be able to squat heavier than normal, overloading. Incorporating overloading sets will assist in boosting your squat PR or getting through plateaus.

Unracking this bar is very different from a squat bar.  Do make sure you are upright with the handles lifted point forward as you unrack.  Otherwise you’ll be unracking with your back and not your legs. This bar really forces you to keep an upright torso and turns your abs on. They were on fire after each set!

I really like this bar and I’m looking forward to getting heavier when I’ve gotten the hang of using this bar once again =)