Pre-Workout Nutrition


Wanna be a beast in the gym?!

Heck yeah!

So fuel up right!

Have a heaping dose of carbs, moderate protein and some fats anywhere from 1 to 1 and half hours before you get started.  We need carbs to lift weights, for explosive power and to sustain our energy level throughout the length of our time in the gym.  Carbs give our amazing bodies ENERGY to do these things. The better we fuel our bodies the more awesome gym gains we’ll see.  On training days consume MOST of your carbs before and after your workouts.  For example, I’m currently consuming about 230g of carbs everyday. So, I’ll consume about 50-60% of that split between pre and post workout meals.  The remaining is spread out between my other meals, which will consist of a lot of veggies and fiber.

Consuming protein in your pre-workout meal will simply keep the body supplied with the aminos to keep the body from breaking down muscle and readily build up what we’re tearing apart during exercise.

Since fats take longer to digest, it’s smart to add a little fats to our pre-workout meal so that the carbs and protein we also eat aren’t burned up quickly, yielding a steady energy duration throughout our workout time.

So don’t be afraid of carbs! They can actually do us some good for our training sessions!

Need help finding macros? Message me, I’d be happy to help =)

2 thoughts on “Pre-Workout Nutrition

  1. Karen says:

    Hi. You came up in my search for cocoyo living coconut yogurt in raspberry? By the way, your have an awesome page full of wonderful information.
    I live in Cibolo, Texas, outside of San Antonio and I can’t seem to find it, in stores or online. Was recently in Colorado after Christmas. It was served to me after dinner with my coffee. My friend added it to whipping cream and added a dollop to my coffee. I fell in love.
    Just curious what store you got it in. I missed that information. I hope to hear from you via email. Thanks. Karen


    • Hi Karen, thank you for your comment. I found it at a Natural Grocers in the Austin area. There is also a Natural Grocers in San Antonio. What’s great about that store is that if they carry the brand but not the flavor, you may request they stock it on their shelves or order a case and get a 10% discount. I’ve yet to give Cocoyo a try but I’m going there this weekend so I’ll pick some up!


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