SS Yoke Squat Bar


Today I trained with my new Safety Squat Yoke Bar that I got from EliteFTS. This bar is extremely beneficial for those who have shoulder issues and lack the mobility of extending their shoulders under a normal squat bar.  It is also a great bar to be able to squat heavier than normal, overloading. Incorporating overloading sets will assist in boosting your squat PR or getting through plateaus.

Unracking this bar is very different from a squat bar.  Do make sure you are upright with the handles lifted point forward as you unrack.  Otherwise you’ll be unracking with your back and not your legs. This bar really forces you to keep an upright torso and turns your abs on. They were on fire after each set!

I really like this bar and I’m looking forward to getting heavier when I’ve gotten the hang of using this bar once again =)

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