Street Run with Pop Squats, Laying Leg Raises and Walk Outs

Today’s 3 mile run included 3 stops, 1 mile apart, for a mini body weight circuit; 25 Pop Squats, 25 Laying Leg Raises, and 25 Walk Outs. This workout took about 45min to complete.

My warm up begins at the house with a total body roll out with a foam roller for no more than 5 minutes followed by a brisk walk for about a quarter of a mile to start of my 3 mile run.

Pop Squats
Laying Leg Raises
Walk Outs

Once I’ve reached my 3 mile marker, I’ll cool down with a quarter mile walk then static stretching for 5 to 10 minutes.

I LOVE this style of training and will post more with different exercises, so stay tuned for more workout ideas next week!

Have a great day!

Squats and Walk Outs video

Today was a happy day for me! I got approval to be off the weekend of the Texas State Powerlifting Championships on March 29th!! I sent off my entry forms and ordered a singlet, ha, never thought I’d ever wear a singlet. So I’m officially working towards an excellent first PL meet!

My gym has been and still is under some minor improvements. I haven’t been able to stick my training schedule as planned for the past week. We’re almost done in the gym so it’s at least usable!

I worked on squats and walk outs today. I decided my work set would be 185/3(3). Set 1 sucked. So many things wrong here. Set 2 was better but I’m seeing what I need to work on. This is why it’s so beneficial to record your lifts!

I totally dig doing walk outs!! The feeling of having that much weight on your shoulders is such a rush! I’ll end with a heavier set next time ;D

Enjoy the video, more to come!