Thu Jan 15th Small Group Training



3x30sec for each exercise
SS 1 for 3 sets
TRX chest press
SS 2 for 3 sets
TRX bicep curls
DB kickbacks
SS 3 for 3 sets
TRX OH tricep ext
Hammer Curls
SS 4 for 3 sets
Resistance band Upright rows
Resistance band OH press
SS 5 for 3 sets
Close grip pulldown
Spider DB back flys
SS 6 for 3 sets
seated cable crunch
Reverse crunch

Intense leg & booty HIT Circuit!

Lap 1 = run with med ball
Lap 2 = back pedal
Lap 3 = side shuffle on long sides
Lap 4 = fast run, almost sprint pace

Circuit 1:
20 Mtn. Climbers
20 Box step ups with leg kickback
20 jumping jacks
10 jump squats
Circuit 2:
20 one leg hip thrusts, 10/leg
20 bench hip thrusts
20 air squats
20 jump squats
Circuit 3:
20 stationary lunges holding a 25# plate 10/leg
20 stationary side lunges w/plate 10/leg
20 wall squats
10 jump squats
1min rest between rounds

Since it’s Tuesday, we finished class with our Tuesday night challenge for the month…burpee broad jumps for 60sec…count your reps and beat what you did last week!


The Breakfast PLATE for badasses! Today’s WOD

Our workout for this morning was inspired by the ASU Plate Workout, just modified for an hour class! These were my plate exercises:


Bicep Curls
Military Presses
Over the shoulder Throws
Around the World
Bent-Over Rows
Wheel Turns
Front Raises
OH Tricep Extensions

Rounds of reps:
30sec rest between rounds 1-4 then 15sec rest between rounds 5-8.
30min workout total!

Video! A snippet of this mornings boot camp

Today was legs and core and we did a lot of work!

Front Squats 3×20
Kettlebell Deadlifts 3×20
Split Stance Squats 3×10/leg

30sec of the following:
Side to Side fast-pace Squats
Band walks – a few steps to the right then left
Duck Walks
Repeated 3 times, resting for 30sec in between sets

25 Windshield Wipers
25/side Oblique Crunches
50 weighted Toe Touches w/10# plate
25 TRX Knee Tucks
50 Back Extensions
50 TRX Mountain Climbers
10/side 1/2 Turkish Get Ups
50 Supermans

1hr of Boot Camp, DONE!

Upper Body Workout – Feb 20th 2014 Boot Camp

All Upper body today!! We went through Circuit 1 and 2 once. This is a great partner workout and good for a 45min class.

Circuit 1
Partner Workout – 45sec then switch exercises for another 45sec
P1 – Small waves on the battle ropes
P2 – Steering Wheel w/plate
1min Jump rope
P1 – Alternating Push Ups on Medicine Ball
P2 – Laying Dumbbell Presses
1min Jump Rope
P1 – TRX Low Rows
P2 – Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows
1min Jump Rope
Core: Seated facing each other, one begins w/a medicine in hand, lay back to begin the sit up exercise and bring the ball overhead to tap the floor above your head, sit up and toss to your partner. Take turns going back and forth for 45sec
Core: Lay on your belly facing each other with arms reached out, one begins w/the ball in hand to throw the ball for your partner to catch and throw right back. This engages legs, glutes and back.
1min Jump Rope

Circuit 2
Partner Workout – 45sec then switch exercises for another 45sec
P1 – Swimmers on the Battle Rope
P2 – Military Presses w/Bodybar
1min Jump Rope
P1 – TRX Chest Press
P2 – Resistance Band Punch Outs (band around a pole)
1min Jump Rope
P1 – Single-Arm Row (Switch arms 1/2 ways in)
P2 – Seated Resistance Band Rows
1min Jump Rope
Seated Transverse Medicine Ball Throws to each other for 45sec in one direction then 45sec in the other
1min Jump Rope


Battle Ready – A Partner Workout

Battle Ready – A Partner Workout
2min at each station, 15sec to rest and switch stations

Station 1: Battle Ropes
Partner 1 does 10 Slams
Partner 2 holds a Plank
Switch and repeat for 2min

Station 2: 2 Med Balls
Partner 1 does 10 Wall Balls
Partner 2 holds a Wall Squat w/arms extended in front while holding a med ball
Switch and repeat for 2min

Station 3: 2 Med Balls
Partner 1 does 10 Med Ball Slams on knees
Partner 2 holds a Med Ball Overhead also on their knees
Switch and repeat for 2min

Station 4: 135# Plate Pulls – I rigged this by stacking 3 45# plates and looping long straps on opposite ends.
Partners sit about 10 feet away from the plates and on either side and simply take turns pulling the weight
toward them for 2min

Station 5: 1 Heavy Bag – laid down on ground
Partner 1 places both hands on top of bag with both feet to one side of the bag then hop over to the other side and back again
for 20 hops total in a fast rhythm
Partner 2 holds an Iron Cross position
Switch and repeat for 2min

3 rounds for 30mins – 1min rest between rounds

Only a timer and a jump rope is needed for this workout…

Today was a lot of love to the heart! CARDIO!!!
I did this workout with my boot camp class last month and I just had to do it again on my own today.  My usual short distance running route is a 3 mile loop in my neighborhood, perfect right?!! I started in my driveway, grabbed the rope and headed down the road.  At one mile, on the sidewalk, I did the second set of exercises (dips off the curb).  At mile two, again on the sidewalk, I completed the third set then ran my way back home for the last mile which averaged in at 8:23/mi. It was great.

1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min Jump Rope
1 min High Knees
1 min Butt kicks
20 Burpees
1 mile run
1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min Jump Rope
1 min Butt Kicks
1 min High Knees
10 Push Ups
10 Dips
1 mile run
1 min Jump Rope
1 min High Knees
1 min Butt Kicks
1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min Mountain Climbers
20 Burpees
1 mile run

BOOM! Done!

Jan 16th 2014 Boot Camp Workout


Each station has 3 exercises that we spent 45sec on with a 10sec rest in between.
We had an active rest with a 1min jump rope in between stations.

Station 1: Battle Rope
Alternating Slams
Hard Slams
Alternating Small Waves

Station 2: Resistant Band
Band Rows
Asst. Pull Ups
Punch Outs (1’s & 2’s)

Station 3: TRX Strap
Bicep Curls
Tricep Extension
Chest Press

Station 4: Barbell
Grasping one end of the barbell with both hands swing the barbell from right hip up overhead to the left hip then back overhead to the right and repeat, side to side
Right Arm Presses
Left Arm Presses

Station 5: Tire
Right Side Sledge Hammering
Left Side Sledge Hammering
Burpees, Tire Jump on and off for the hop

Station 6: Heavy Bag
Right hand on bag, left on the floor, push ups
Left hand on bag, right on the floor, push ups
Pull heavy bag into your guard and punch out, 1’s & 2’s