Street Run with Circuits across bridges

Today’s 3 mile run included 3 stops at 3 different bridges along my route for a mini body weight circuit; Walking Lunges down the bridge, Side Shuffle back, and 25 Tricep Incline Push Ups. This workout took about 45min to complete.

My warm up begins at the house with a total body roll out with a foam roller for no more than 5 minutes followed by a brisk walk for about a quarter of a mile to the start of my 3 mile run.

I was so happy to hit this bridge first because it’s the longest. It was about 75 walking lunges straight down!
Incline Tricep Push Ups
Side Shuffles

Once I’ve reached the end of my loop, I’ll cool down with a quarter mile walk back home then static stretch for 5 to 10 minutes.

I LOVE this style of training and will post more with different exercises, so stay tuned for more workout ideas next week!

Have a great day!