Street Run w/Circuits; Here we go!

Circuit 1

25 Pop Squats, 15 Spider Crawls, 25 Russian Twists

Circuit 2

25 Bench Jumps, 15 Decline Push-Ups, 15 Hip Thrusts

Circuit 3

30 Toe Taps, 15 Single-Leg Push-Ups, 15 Crossover Mountain Climber Variations

Circuit 4

25 Split Lunge Jumps, 25 Bench Sit-Ups, 15 Shoulder Tap Plank Jacks

Got up early to hit the streets for a 3 mile run with stops for a little circuit. I LOVE this kind of training. This is my favorite form of cardiovascular training that incorporates bodyweight exercises to build functional strength. For me, at about 1 mile in, I begin to feel a sense of mental clarity which allows me to work through any life challenges, think clearly about making important decisions and get creative ideas to current projects.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to train like this and I was definitely feeling it in my knees and ankles towards the end. I always stretch and foam roll before hitting the pavement then stretch again right after AND place ice packs on the knees if I’m feeling achiness coming on. By the next day, I’m feeling back to normal! Super important to prep before and take care after….especially when you hit your 40’s!

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