Team “Texas House of Strength” in the Spartan Race, Burnet TX

I’m so proud to have had an amazing group of people run this race as Team Texas House of Strength! Some of us had run this race before, others have done the Tough Mudder and others have never been through an obstacle course before! We stayed together as a team the entire way and it was such a blast!!! They a natural athletes but man, did they train their asses off for this! We trained by doing daily boot camp classes and running a green belt trail every Saturday morning for months! I couldn’t have asked for a better team! I must say that I very proud of myself for finally conquering that dam rope climb!! Woohoo!!!! More pic to come from the Spartan Race website but here are some photos friends and family took of us! THOS Wall of fame Spartan Mau 2014the girlsthe girls beforerace course 2race course 1gina spartanfire jumpsafter run groupdirty feet Spartan 2014carolafter shower group Spartan 2014 conquered the rope climb 2014

2 thoughts on “Team “Texas House of Strength” in the Spartan Race, Burnet TX

  1. mindpulp1 says:

    Congrats on finishing Spartan! I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a couple of years. I have a team from work doing the Zombie Run Extreme this November in San Antonio.


    • It’s a ton of fun, especially with a team. The last 2 years I ran it competitively but I hung back to run with the team this year and it was by far my favorite run!


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