Street Run w/Circuits; Electric Funeral

Oooowweeee! Hit the streets for my weekly street run with circuits today and here’s what I did:

First stop: Mod burpees, Mountain Climbers & Squat Jumps x 25

Second stop: Single leg DL, Alternating Lateral Lunges, High Plank Reach x 15-25

For my final stop, I used a road to play on and did side shuffles, broad jumps, back pedal, inch worms, and bear crawls (looking like a crazy lady while doing it!)

How awesome is this?

Last week, I was at a bench doing one of my circuits when Mr. White walked up on me and said “Ya know, I use to be able to all them push-ups back in my day.” I said, “Well what about now?” He just pointed his finger at me, narrowed his eyes and walked away with a slight grin on his face.

Today, I walked up on him doing squats and push ups =)

Hope you got some exercise ideas! Have a killer day! Elda

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