New PR, Boot Camps in the park & Gym in Progress!

Allow me to express my excitement about hitting PR’s recently! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a powerlifting coach last Tuesday. He provided excellent tips on the squat and the deadlift along with suggesting assisted exercises. I was given great information on what to expect on my first meet and talked about gear.

We started with the squat. My knees were drawing in but that was quickly corrected with a wider stance. Other than that, I was going pretty low which I didn’t need to in a competition. I told him that 165# was the highest I’d attempted alone. I knew I could’ve squated more but I wanted to make sure my form was good before adding more weight. I started with 165# and he was like “too easy, let’s go 185#”. Alright, let’s do it, I thought. 185# done. Could do more. 195#…205#, THAT was my number! He spotted and it took me just a few seconds but I did it. He then showed me how to do walk outs. We did a few sets, worked up to 315# I think. On the last set and I was instructed to squat after 10 seconds and walk out from under the bar….scary but I totally get the idea behind working this technique. Last week, 165#….this week, 1RM 205# on the squat!

Next we worked on the deadlift. Adjustment I needed to make was to point my toes forward, place my shins right against the bar and pick up my speed on the lift. 185# was the most I’d done and that was also last week. So we loaded 185# and like the squat, he said it looked too easy. Ha. So we shot up to 205#…all good…215#…good…225#, he looked at me after that lift and was like “wow, so how’s the back feeling?” “Great!” I said. His response was “screw it, let’s go for 250#”. “Alright, let’s do it!” I said. He slapped on his Inzer belt around my waist, asked me to take in my deep breath, he THEN fasted the lever and I went for it. His hand was within reach to grasp the bar in case I needed some support but I did it, slowly but I did it and DAM did it feel amazing! He said I hitched a little so it wouldn’t have counted in a competition but I bet next time I go for it, it’ll be without hitching at all!

My husband has been working so hard on the garage for the past week and a half. Our HOA denied our request to build a shed outside of the 120sqft allowance so plan B is to give him one side of the garage for his woodwork and me the other for gym work. Not too much work is needed but he’s adding extra shelving, bumper plate cubbies, barbell racks and more to the gym side. Some finishing touches like paint and other accessories will then be added and hopefully in the next few weeks Texas House of Strength will be up and running for personal training!

I’m also hoping to run boot camp classes in my neighborhood park BUT the challenge is that the HOA may not allow it. I got put on the agenda to speak about it in the next board committee meeting on Wed Feb 26th. Currently, if I wanted to use the park/pavilion, I’d have to pay $25 each time! Apparently, they’ve never had a request like this so they’d like to learn more about my intentions. I’ve been doing some research in finding out how it works for City parks. I met with the Director of Parks & Recreations for the City of Cedar Park and the City of Leander. The City of Cedar Park asks for 10% of gross revenue per session while the City of Leander asks that you buy a $50 annual permit. Both require liability insurance and that the fitness instructor is CPR certified, no problem! So I’m currently putting a proposal to present to the board in hopes of the HOA adopting a similar program structure. If this granted then I, along with future Fitness Instructors, will be able to offer fun group fitness programs to our neighbors and friends! Our community is very active and I know most would support this proposal…I just may have to keep it within our community.

I’ll update you guys on how that goes next week! Here’s progress pics of THOS gym!

Panoramic shot

Panoramic shot

Shelving, plate cubbies and hooks will go here...

Shelving, plate cubbies and hooks on this wall here.

Barbell Rack for hanging bars will go in this corner

Barbell Rack for hanging bars will go in this corner.

Paint on Chalk Board will go here

A paint on Chalk Board will go above the DB rack

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