12/31/13-Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing Monday!  This is a fun partner routine that hits it all, literally.

3min Jumpe Rope Partner up, 60sec on each:
P1 does 10 Wall Ball/P2 threads Med Ball through legs in a V-Sit Up Position, then switch P1 takes 10 Monster Walk Steps w/band/P2 is doing jumping jacks, then switch P1 does 10 Weighted Walking Lunges/P2 does Jumping Jacks, then switch P1 does 10 OH Squats w/Bodybar/P2 is doing Burpees, then switch
Backwards Med Ball Throws, back and forth at each other
P1 does 10 Push-Ups/P2 holds a 1/2 Push-Up, then switch
P1 does 10 Hand to Forearm Plank/P2 holds a plank, then switch
P1 does 10 Upward Med Ball Tosses/P2 hold the Med Ball OH, then switch

Partner drill with mitts:
2 3min rounds, Mitt holder calls out shots for a round then switch. 1’s, 2’s, 3’s & 4’s

Partner drill with Punch Shield (for knees):
2 3min rounds, shield holder takes knees from partner down the room and back, then switch

Partner drill with Kicking Pad (for rear and front kicks):
2 min rounds, pad holder takes rear kicks from partner down and front kicks back, then switch

Ground N’ Pound with heavy bag, each with their own bags:
3 3min rounds calling out to mount, side control, north/south, pulling it into guard, sumo GnP, stand up and knee

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