Cold weather in Texas…love or hate running in it?

Running in below 50 degree weather is both a love and hate relationship.  First, like a crazy woman, I usually have an argument with myself and throw reasons to run and reasons not to run back and forth in my head.  Ultimately, I get dressed and head out.  In the first mile or two I feel like my lungs are slowly solidifying and about to crack! Of course they don’t and eventually the sensation goes away.  After that I start to think “Man, it’s getting hot in this sweater!” and wish I hadn’t worn so many layers of clothing.  In the end, the only sensation I may be feeling is a numb nose.  Once your body warms up and the runners high kicks in, you’ll never regret this run.  I really do love the quote “Wow, I really regret that workout. -No One Ever”

Tips for running in the cold:

  1. Don’t wear too many layers.  Some do well with short sleeves and shorts in 50-35 degree weather or shorts and long sleeves w/gloves and a beanie under 35 degrees.  I’m a wuss, I wear compression or dry fit pants and long sleeves along with gloves.  Under 35 degree weather, I’ll add a pull over sweater and a headband that covers my ears.  Be aware of rain in the forecast.  Cover up completely to avoid hypothermia or frostbite in longer distance runs.
  2. Wear lip balm. Chapped lips is not only unattractive but can be painful.
  3. Stay hydrated! Just because you might not sweat as much, you still need to drink up. If you’re a morning runner make sure you drink .75-1oz of water per body weight the day before.  I recommend this much water intake everyday!
  4. Push through the first mile or two, you may experience “cold lungs” or “freezing” fingers and toes but don’t worry, the sensation will go away.

Protect yourself, always.


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