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You’ll have step by step guidance to your fitness goal with my 12 week PRINTABLE planner!

As a personal trainer putting this detailed planner together, I believe it’s crucial to not just write out workouts and keep track of nutrition but much more, like keeping track of hours slept, your daily water intake and making note of daily energy levels.

Your 12 week Fitness Planner includes:
*A goal setting & plan of action sheet
*A body assessment sheet
*A fitness assessment sheet
*3 – Unmarked 4 week Calendars
*12 – “Week….in Detail” sheets, a one week log for thorough detailing
*A reflection sheet at the end of your program listing all of your successes, slip-ups, comparing assessments, and more.
This PDF guide has a total of 38 pages but set up to print 19 front and back pages.

Your OPTIONAL 4 Week Strength Program includes:
*A 4 week Strength Training Program that can be recycled over and over. This total body program will have you exercise with weights 4 days a week. When followed correctly, and with a little intensity, you’ll not only notice a difference in strength but in overall beautiful muscle tone.
*A 7 day workout log to note weight used, playlist listened to and an area for additional note taking.
This PDF training program has a total of 5 pages. Print workout log as needed.

This guide is in a grayscale color scheme that can be brightened up with coloring, markers, highliting, stickers and tabs. It is in “Letter” format, complete and in order from start to finish. I leave no room for excuses. Print, execute and follow through!

Optional: message me when you are ready to get started and I will review the planner with you via phone or Skype at no extra charge! I want to make sure you are super familiar with this planner so that you get the most out of your guide. If you are new to exercise, I highly encourage you take advantage of this opportunity!

Thank you for your visit! Feel free to contact me with any questions!