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You’ll have step by step guidance to your fitness goal with my 12 week PRINTABLE planner! Notice extra details from COMPLETE planning to scheduling out grocery shopping trips to making note of what you listened to during your workout. Nothing is left out!

As a personal trainer putting this detailed planner together,I believe it’s crucial to not just write out workouts and keep track of nutrition but much more, like keeping track of hours slept, your daily water intake and making note of daily energy levels.

Whatever your goal, with proper planning and follow through, it IS possible!

Your printable planner will want you to:
*Write your goal(s)
*Schedule assessment/fitness dates
*Write out your workout and nutrition/supplementation plan of action
*Decide ahead of time when to grocery shop and meal prep
*Self assess with body measurements and test of strength
Your planner includes:
*3-Unmarked 4 week Calendars to schedule important dates and make note of good things to celebrate like when your hit a PR on a lift or hit your first 5lb loss marker.
*12-“Week….in Detail” sheets, a one week layout where you can get really detailed by noting hours slept, time of first & last meal, water intake and daily energy levels. Here is where you want to note celebrations, slip-ups and set a focus for the following week.
*12-7 Day workout logs with room to write each exercise, sets, reps and weight used as well as notes for cardio and what you listened to that day.
*Your planner will wrap it up with some reflection by listing all of your successes, slip-ups, comparing assessments, and more.

This PDF guide contains neutral in colors for beautiful print in color but will also print nicely in black and white. It is also in “Letter” format with 86 single pages but set up for 43 front and back printing. It is complete and in order from start to finish. No copying pages as needed. I leave no room for excuses. Print, execute and follow through!