Personal Training

“I am 69 years old and have been amazed at what I have accomplished working out with Elda.I have seen my muscle mass increase and have lost inches.Pull ups was never something I thought I could do and now I can! Lifting weights is hard but it’s also fun! If you are looking for a coach that will encourage and help you Elda is the person that will do it.She always goes the extra mile for you.I will give you an example.I was going on a cruise and mentioned that I still had 5 pounds to lost and was out of time.She gave me a good plan to follow and I lost 5 pounds in one week.I encourage you to give Elda a call– no matter your age or fitness level.” -Linda

Personal Training

Training with me is located in my welcoming home garage gym in the Block House Creek neighborhood in the Cedar Park/Leander TX area. I’m fortunate to offer a private gym setting which can be preferred for someone new to exercise.  I’m also available for personalized home workout programs, instructional videos included. Currently, I do not travel for personal training.

We will begin with a complimentary thorough consultation to discuss your goals that will create your personalized program. I offer various styles of training like:

*Boot Camp and High Intensity Interval Training



*Strength & Tone with weights

*Sport specific endurance training

I specialize in building strength & toning up for anyone between the age of 15 and 75. I believe that fitness goals should not just be about losing weight. It should be about adding a little lean muscle mass, practicing self-respect and being just a little stronger than before!

So, I’d be happy to provide a home workout program, work 1 on 1 or bring a friend to join you. You may also join an already established small group session.  Many of my clients see me for a killer workout, get a good sweat session and some laughs. It’s normal to be nervous about meeting with a new trainer, especially new to working out. Just know that I’m super easy to get along with and always open to listen to your needs.

One on One Personal Training Rates AS OF JANUARY 1st 2019:

$30 per session for a 1 on 1

$40 per session for 2 people (couples split rate)

$50 per session for 3 people (group splits rate)

Have me train you in person if you:

• Are new exercise

• Don’t feel comfortable training in public and would prefer some privacy

• Want to learn proper form

• Need help getting starting on a new fitness program

• Or just want a killer workout, every workout! Bring friends, it’s way more fun and a little cheaper!

Training with me 3+ times a week include:

• Tracking body stats like body measurements, caliper readings and pictures every 4 weeks

• Nutritional education and meal planning assistance

All sessions must be pre-paid. I’m available to invoice you or you may pay with check or cash.  Please provide a 24 hour notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your session.  Otherwise, 50% of your service rate may be charged. Prepaid sessions will expire 90 days from payment date.

Contact Me to schedule your consultation.

If you already have home gym equipment or a gym membership and would like help getting started on a new program, my easy to use online program would be perfect for you, video instructions included. Let’s chat more in person or over the phone!

“Before meeting Elda I started a vegetarian diet and gained weight.  Elda helped me to understand the correct ratios I needed on a vegetarian meal plan.  Since training with Elda I’ve lost 10 lbs and gained muscle.  I love training with Elda, some days I train solo, some with a group.  She makes every workout fun and pushes you past limits you thought you had.  She’s an amazing human being, dedicated, passionate and genuine in every way. I’m so grateful for all her help and can’t recommend her enough!” -Alex, 37


“I came to Elda with the goal of losing some weight and learning more about working out. Before I met her, I knew very little about how to properly take care of my body and really be healthy. By the end of my 4 week plan, I learned so much more! In addition to her personal training sessions which ROCK, Elda taught me the basics of lifting weights, using proper form, and how to design challenging and effective workouts on my own. She also taught me a ton about proper diet and nutrition, which greatly contributed to my success in reaching (and surpassing) my goals. Lifting is now a passion of mine, and I have Elda to thank for the foundation of knowledge she has given me. The knowledge/skills Elda teaches will last a lifetime. Even a year after my plan, I am more confident and STRONG than I have ever been! THANK YOU ELDA!” –Chandler