Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

All training is done in my amazing home gym located in Block House Creek, Leander TX 78641. I do not travel for training.

What are your rates?

My rates are as follows:
  • 1 on 1: $30 per session
  • 2 on 1 (great for couples or besties): $40 per session


  • Buy 5 – 1 on 1 sessions for $135
  • Buy 10 – 1 on 1 sessions for $255
  • Buy 5 – 2 on 1 sessions for $180
  • Buy 10 – 2 on 1 sessions for $340

Group Rates:

  • Join a group (4 people max): $17 per session

How do you format your training sessions?

Every workout will be different! 1 on 1 sessions are tailored for the individual while group sessions will train the entire body using free weights, machines, bands, kettlebells, and more. Every workout will be posted on my blackboard and begins with some stretches and warm-up exercises. I like to create supersets in my workout format to get as much done in the hour we are together. I prefer a traditional bodybuilding type structure sprinkled with a little powerlifting. Here’s a sample:

Sample workout:
SS #1 (Legs):
Back Squat – reps of 12/10/8/8 – from set to set, weight increases as reps decrease
ss w/Dumbell Walking lunges x 12 reps
SS #2 (Back):
Lat Pulldowns 4 sets x 10-12 reps
ss w/TRX Body Rows x failure
SS #3 (Chest/Shoulders):
Flat Bench Dumbell Press 4 sets x 10-12 reps
ss w/Dumbell Lateral Raises x 20 reps
Finish the remainder of the hour with a Cardio/Corework AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible):
Sprint or 30sec Airdyne Sprint
Cable Crunches
Weighted Russian Twists
Floor Leg Raises

What does your gym look like?

Glad you asked! Here are some pictures.

I am new to working out…

Welcome, I’m happy you’re inquiring about starting an exercise program! I very much enjoy working with those new to exercise! I encourage you to schedule a few one-on-one sessions. This time allows you to work through some basic exercises and learn proper form, especially if you’re interested in jumping into a group-based setting. One-on-one time lets the trainer write personalized training sessions that meet you where you’re at and “prep” you for groups.

Do you do meal plans?

I am not a licensed dietician nor a nutritionist, so I cannot write meal plans. I can, however, help guide you in making food selections for your health goals and assist in building meals with you. I love all kinds of food and enjoy introducing something new to others. I’d be happy to also introduce you to mindfulness practices for reconnecting hunger & fullness cues.

I currently have an injury…

To be considered for training, you must be free of injuries that limit range of motion or inhibit performing specific exercises. I can, however, work with you if cleared from a doctor to resume activity.

Can you help me lose weight?

The desire to lose weight is the most sought out reason for beginning an exercise program. Helping people lose weight is not my primary goal. My goal as a trainer is to get you stronger, physically and mentally. My style of exercise promotes an increase in lean muscle mass, strength, a healthier cardiovascular system, and body recomposition, including minimizing body fat. When we are connected with intuitive eating, are managing stress, and sleeping well, our bodies will change to a naturally intended composition. Weight loss may be result, but that is not my intended focus.

How can you help me manage stress, hormones, and sleep?

Great question! When someone decides to implement an exercise routine, they probably want to be healthier. These other factors are vital to the addition of nutrition and exercise, and some statistics show they’re even more critical. I can help you identify your stress triggers and create coping strategies that may help lower your overall stress levels. We can discuss your current sleeping patterns and see what you can do differently to help you get better sleep. If you suspect hormonal imbalances, you should seek the help of a medical provider. A blood test may confirm any imbalances. I can help provide you with resources on working towards homeostasis. Check out my “Sleep, Stress, Movement, Food” page to learn more about these factors.

Have more questions or ready to inquire about getting started?

Send me a message through the “Contact Me” page!