Powerlifting Training Videos for July 19th USPA Nationals

Here’s to making up for my lack of posting training video! USPA Nationals in 4 weeks, July 19th in Las Vegas!

May 12th 2014 Rack Squats

May 19th 2014 Cam Squats (this sucked)

June 2nd 2014 Squat

May 28th 2014 1 Board Bench Press at 170# – need to keep butt down

June 4th 2014 – Bench Press Singles at 135#, 150#, 155# – work on keeping my butt down

April 12th 2014 – Rack Pull Double at 290#

May 9th 2014 – Rack Pull at 300#

May 17th 2014 – Deficit Deadlift

May 23rd 2014 – Sumo 3×10 @ 55%

Assistance work
May 3rd 2014 – DB Rows 5×10 w/65#

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