Boot Camp in Blockhouse Creek, Leander TX – A done deal!!

April 28th UPDATE: We’re on! Classes start this week!!!

April 19th UPDATE:
Things are almost squared away with the MUD. Boot Camps will begin at the park very soon! Here is the final class schedule:
M/W @ 7pm
T/Th @ 7am
Free Saturday group run along Blockhouse Drive, about 3 miles, time to be determined.

Class will be scheduled for a perfect 45min. Bring a yoga mat, water and a towel. Remember your first class is FREE. I’m really hoping to begin Monday 4/28 but I will follow up with you guys to confirm that. Until then, go ahead and contact me to schedule your complimentary “Proper Form” session. This 30min session will simply be a review of how to do common exercises like the squat, plank, lunge, push up, burpee and more. I recommend this for anyone new to exercising or for anyone who may be a little rusty πŸ˜‰ Book for 1 or bring your neighbors! Simply email me your expressed interested here or shoot me a Facebook message.
Though this will be a 12 week trial run, I have no doubt this program will be successful and will make you all stronger. So expect my boot camps to continue on! Please know that anyone may jump in at any time during the 12 weeks.

I’d like to meet you! If you see me running (the girl with the black ponytail in a hoodie), feel free to introduce yourself to me and say hello πŸ˜€ See you at the park very soon!!

ORIGINAL POST – April 12th 2014:
I am super stoked to announce that I got approved to run Boot Camp classes at Tonkawa Park in Blockhouse Creek! Our HOA and MUD have been really great in working with me through this process.

If you have never had an outdoor workout, it is something you really should try out! Personally, I thoroughly enjoy being outside on a beautiful breezy sunny day. I especially enjoy feeling the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair, the sweat on my face and rockin’ out to great tunes during a fantastic workout! It doesn’t end there….even on the way home, whether in your car, on a bike or a walk back home, you’re feeling the rush of endorphins, the feel good hormones, throughout your body and you are thanking yourself for taking the time and making the effort to doing that workout!

It feels like that every time!! Imagine that AT LEAST 3 times a week πŸ˜€

I decided on Tonkawa Park, the area just north of the soccer field, for several reasons:20140409_15582020140409_155806

    • The location is somewhat secluded so we won’t be in the way of others and we won’t have a crowd watching what we’re doing


    • It’s got plenty of parking — but I encourage you to walk, jog or ride a bike to class, it would be a nice warm up and the perfect cool down πŸ˜€


    • There’s a dirt running track!!! Yes people, we will be running sometimes. If you’re not a runner, you will be in no time!


    • You have the option to bring your kiddos! There’s a play scape nearby.


  • There’s already a pull up bar, ab bench and dip bar?!!! Saweeet!!Β  Oh yes, you will also be doing dips & pull-ups in no time! BE CONSISTENT in attendance is all!

What to bring to class?
Yoga Mat

Class will go for a perfect 45 minutes! All I’m doing is finalizing dates and times so let me know if you have a preference and if you have any questions!!! Click here for other Service and Pricing Info. First class is not only FREE πŸ™‚ but I will also meet with you for no more than 30min to review a few exercises that will be performed in class like the squat, push up, plank, burpee, lunges and more.Β  I recommend this to those new to working out.Β  Just contact me to schedule that ahead of time.Β  Ages 15 & up may participate. All fitness levels (no experience to professional athletes) are welcome!Β  If you are new to working out, please don’t be intimidated or embarrassed to workout with others.Β  No one will disrespect another person if they cannot keep up in class, at least not in my classes.Β  You do what you can. That’s how you build strength and stamina.Β  We all have to start somewhere and we will work together!

Let’s work on fine tuning our bodies together, clear our minds and make new friends (that live nearby)!

2 thoughts on “Boot Camp in Blockhouse Creek, Leander TX – A done deal!!

  1. Patty Taylor says:

    Recently joined weight watchers and need a workout program. This sound fantastic and I live right down the street!


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