Boot Camp in Blockhouse Creek?!?!

My husband and I moved into Blockhouse Creek in Leander, TX 4 years ago and couldn’t be happier with our purchase! We got a place just a few houses away from the greenbelt, trees as our view in our backyard, and great neighbors. The most exciting thing about living here is seeing how active this small community is! We have a 3 mile loop as the main road that circles around the subdivision, perfect for a nice short run or dog walk. I see people running, biking, walking their dogs everyday throughout the day. We have a few small parks with playgrounds, two pools, a tennis court, a cool pavilion and even a small elementary school.

Ever since we moved in I thought “How cool would it be to have outdoor workouts in the park?” Well I think NOW is the time to offer this community a variety of class time options! I would LOVE to have the honor to offer a group fitness program. Recently, I inquired about how to go about doing so. Currently, I’d have to pay $25 for each class to use the pavilion! Apparently, a request such as mine has never been made and it was recommended that I approach the HOA Board Committee during the next public meeting.

I’ve since collected information from the City of Cedar Park and the City of Leander. I had a meeting with the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Cedar Park. Essentially, for a Fitness Instructor to host boot camps in city parks they would need to fill out an application, provide proof of insurance and agree to pay 10% of gross revenue per class. The City of Leander asks Fitness Instructors to pay an annual $50 permit as well as show proof of insurance and be CPR certified.

It is my hope to present a proposal to the HOA to implement a similar policy for Blockhouse Creek. I imagine there may be a challenge with the possibility of these classes bringing in “outsiders”. If so, then how about we keep it within our community, with a plus 1 to invite a friend or family member that don’t live in Blockhouse Creek?

The public HOA community meeting is scheduled for Wed Feb 26th at 6:30pm at the Walker House. I was told I’d be put on the agenda to discuss this opportunity. If you live in Blockhouse Creek and support this idea, I’d love your support with your presence. My intention in proposing this is to add flare to our already active community, bring in additional class time options like after school drop off, lunch and evening and open the doors for other Fitness Instructors to do the same….variety is good…..I imagine this community would welcome a diverse style group fitness programs in our parks….How cool would it be to warm up with a brisk walk to a boot camp class just down the street?

Please feel free to share this post and please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback!

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