To train or not to train…feeling under the weather.

Depending on what kind of exercise you wanna do, get a feel for what your body wants you to do…..if you’re like me and just hate to miss a day, even an active rest day, your mind will totally do its best to convince you to just go for it!  But, if you’re decision is to rest then acknowledge it and make it so and try to take advantage of it.

The last day I did ANY sort of exercise was last Saturday!!!  What started as a scratchy throat turned into a fever then chest congestion, head ache and more congestion…I rarely get sick and the last time I felt THIS bad was in 1998 when I had walking pneumonia! I’ve never had the flu but it sounds like I just did.  I felt like absolute crap for 3 days; Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.  I really wanted to feel better to get back to my gym but I was weak and had a fever.  As hard-core as some of you guys are about not missing a day, I listened to my body.  I talked myself in and out of working out but ultimately I envisioned what my workout could look like and I just knew it wouldn’t be satisfied with my performance.  Then it was Xmas and traveling and when I thought I could at least go for a run, I conjured up coughing attacks and had to stop several times. Bummer.

Now that I’m back home and only have an annoying lingering cough, I’m gonna hit the weights first thing tomorrow morning because I know I could at  least do that.

It makes sense not to workout if I have a fever.  My body is obviously fighting something in my system.  It’s gotta naturally run its course without me elevating my body temp even more because I decided to go for a run.  Otherwise, I would definitely do Yoga or go take the dogs for an extra long walk instead of a run, do a light strength exercise or stretch.

If you do decide to go to the gym while sick, PLEASE wipe down what you use. Don’t spread it.

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