Creepy gym dude story

While working on leg presses (and listening to a podcast with ear buds in my ears) I happened to look off to the side and made an awkward eye contact with some dude.  It was awkward because he was giving me really creepy eyes…like he was in awe or something…and it was for more than just a few seconds.  He wasn’t just standing there, he walked to his water bottle and took a sip then set it back down.  I looked away once or twice then right back and his eye were still locked.  With scrunched eyebrows, I shot him a little upward head nod to acknowledge him. He quickly looked away and begin another set of DB curls.  I laughed and shook my head and continued with my last set.  Cute or not, that is just not how you hit on a woman!

I made my way to the stretching area at the other side of the gym to do core work.  He wasn’t on my mind after beginning my ab work until I saw him again.  This time he was walking into the same…dam…room.  The left side of his body was facing me but his head was slightly turned while he looked at me with the corner of his eyes! This time the “in awe” look was gone.  Now it was like he was Mr. Rico Suave. Ha,ha! I’m thinking to myself “What…the…fuck is with this guy?!”.  He gets to the nearby cable crossover machine, sets his weight and begins his reps, all while taking his eyes off of me only to see what he’s doing then right back at me.  Meanwhile, I’m doing bicycle crunches and looking at his direction with every other rep so I’m clearly noticing this.  After maybe his second rep, while I’m looking his way, he blows me a kiss.  “Oh, hell fuckin no!”  I say out loud as I quickly stand up and walked right towards him.  He looked surprise that I was making my way to him.  He quickly grabs his stuff and makes his way to the front doors.  I stopped and watched him leave the gym.

I laugh at it now because it was kind of funny but GODDAM you guys need to KNOW how to hit on a woman or don’t do it at all!  He kind of freaked me out so it sucked leaving the gym and keeping my eyes peeled for a possible attack.

Also, if a woman is wearing ear buds and is not responding to your eye contacts with a “hello” or a smile…she’s probably not interested. So stop.  It’s creepy if you continue and you could put fear in a woman as she leaves the gym.  Even if you would never physically harm a woman.  It doesn’t happen often (or I’m just oblivious to it) but I don’t get hit on often.  I’m very much okay with it, yeah I’m married, and let I it be known to the guy but it’s a nice boost in self-esteem.  An innocent conversation is as far as I let it go.  I know how hard it can be for anyone wanting to throw a compliment or say hello.  I would never be quick to shoot anyone down trying to be friendly….unless they’re giving me creepy eyes.

I wanna hear your stories!

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