Reviewing Maria Kang’s Article in

Fitness posted this new article written by Maria Kang.  If you don’t know, Maria was banned from Facebook because apparently too many people were offended by her profile pic.  The pic is of her in workout attire with her 3 little children and a title that says “What’s your excuse?”.  In my opinion, it’s a beautiful picture!

In her blog, she explains that she works very hard to attain and maintain her level of fitness.  She feels she was bashed for simply being the messenger, “the message is about balance and pushing past self-acceptance.”  This article was written to explain her intention in posting that picture and to reiterate her views in how we can “fight the complacency trend by making life harder”.

Maria is a huge advocate of the idea of loving yourself for better health.  She feels everyone should try to challenge themselves and publicly make goals to be held accountable.  I totally agree with that!  Absolutely make your goals public because accountability is key in attaining your fitness goals!

I read some of the comments of the “offended”.  Majority claim that “Maria must have child care support” to have the time to get a workout in.  Maybe, but it seems like she holds herself accountable to making the time to stay on track.  People are quick to come up with an excuse if it means skipping they gym.  Instead, search your mind for other options. Be accountable.  Try these:

*Have you voiced your fitness goals to your partner or a family member or friend or neighbor to help with childcare 1 to 3 days a week?  Maybe hit em’ all up so you could alternate and come up with a schedule.

*Have a “needy” child?  Take them with you! Put him/her in the stroller, push and run with them.  Running with a stroller is a killer workout!

*Have a “crier” on your hands?  Do home workouts with him/her!  I use to hold my nephew and do squats, lunges, presses, core exercises and he loved it! Even if its for just a few minutes!

*See if you have something like this in your area! Fit4Mom Austin Metro offer moms an opportunity to get in shape, meet other moms and have fun with their baby.  Get a workout in with other moms! How cool is that?!!

*Be a child with your child! A workout doesn’t have to be a planned out dumbbell exercise or using machines.  Play tag with your child, take him/her to the playground and do some walking lunges, burpees, pushups while they play.

These are just a few ideas, search your mind for what could possible work for you!  Only you can make it happen.  Your child is your life but so is your health.  Take care.

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